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Transforming Nursing through Knowledge: SE Futures Book Club

Understanding best practice is critical in order to advance nursing and helping to shape the future of health. The work completed by an esteemed group of nursing leaders to coauthor the book Transforming Nursing Through Knowledge has brought together a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Nurses have the best opportunities, experiences, knowledge, and creativity to be the innovation vectors in the health system.  

A growing movement called ‘EntrepreNurse’ has been underway in both the EU and the US to reposition and recast the nurse workforce as the innovation agents of health (care).  Nurses represent the largest segment of health care workers and are uniquely qualified to be innovation activators, influencers, disruptors, designers, collaborators and scalers.  Entrepreneurs in the health space must join forces with nurse innovators to tackle the challenges and create solutions that can be scaled up, scaled out and scaled deep. This new ‘EntrepreNurse’ is passionate about reshaping our health system. 

The question is often asked…How can we come up with new solutions to help nurses?  We can’t, we need to come up with solutions with nurses. The EntrepreNurse is positioned to transform the patient experience, in partnership with patients, families, and other health care team members. You’ll be inspired by the wide breadth of expertise and skills the EntrepreNurse brings and the impact they can make on the delivery of health care services. 

Inspired by these nursing leaders and authors of this book that captures our past so eloquently, it’s time we bring the voice of the  EntrepreNurse to the Canadian health system to challenge the status quo, share BIG IDEAS, and transform care.

View this video to see some key highlights from the authors and nurses

This fall SE Health will be hosting the first ever EntrepreNurse Canadian Summit.
On October 23rd we will bring together a group of nursing leaders to help form the agenda and strategy on how to amplify the voice of the EntrepreNurse, shaping the future of health in Canada. If you are passionate about helping to create “Next Practice” please join us!  

- Written by Mary Lou Ackerman, SE Futures

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