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Shaping the
Future of Aging

Accelerating SE Health’s social impact of working for the greater good, and building a better world as we live and get older.

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Creating a future where we thrive at every age

We are fostering a world where older adults live with purpose, connection, health, well-being, and maintained independence. We are forming partnerships, building bridges, working with communities, and collaborating with others who share this goal. Together, we are working to create meaningful impacts by addressing key issues and identifying opportunities at a local, societal, and global levels.

Our Work

Our primary goal is to advance the rights and well-being of older adults. In order to create the most impact, we have established three priority areas in which we focus our work: (1) Aging in Society, (2) Affordable and Age-Friendly Housing, and (3) Innovations for Healthy Aging.

Aging in Society

Aging in

Through partnerships, coalitions, and bold actions, we seek solutions to broad societal challenges, such as ageism.
Affordable and Age-Friendly Housing

Affordable & Age-Friendly Housing

We are addressing a critical problem faced by many older adults – access to affordable and age-friendly housing.
Innovations for Healthy Aging

Innovations for
Healthy Aging

We are exploring challenges that impact the daily lives of older adults. We find innovative solutions that we test, scale, and bring to life.


Action for Better Aging

Our team has partnered with Covenant Health to launch COURAGE: a social movement to help us live at home for as long as we want. Together, we are building a coalition and crafting a roadmap for change.

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Solving Complex Aging Problems Through Partnership

Our team partners with organizations, researchers, academics, and like-minded people to help Canadians age with health, vitality, and dignity. We co-design, generate, and scale innovative solutions to strengthen our collective influence. Together, we drive meaningful change with lasting impact.

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Future of Aging

The Future of Aging, co-authored by SE Health and Idea Couture, is a comprehensive resource on aging in society. It explores the challenges that older adults face, identifies key questions related to aging, and presents ideas and opportunities for how we can move forward, building a better future for older adults.

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About SE Health

SE Health is a leading not-for-profit social enterprise with over 115 years of experience. We bring excellence and innovation to home care, seniors’ living, and family caregiving. Each day, we provide care to 20,000 people through our compassionate team of 8,000 healthcare professionals. We are committed to providing high value, quality care to individuals and communities.


115+ years providing high quality care


8,000 staff across Canada & growing


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