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115 Years of Making an Impact

Bringing hope and happiness to your communities through our social impact initiatives

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Making a difference for people and communities

SE Health is a leading not-for-profit social enterprise that provides health care solutions, innovation and education. With a century of experience and powerful vision for the future, SE Health is making tangible contributions to health care and we are delighted to be able to share them with you. We hope that our impact inspires you, and we look forward to continuing to make our mark.

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staff across Canada
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7.6 million
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Our key areas of impact

At SE Health, we work on multifaceted projects and collaborate globally to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our communities. We partner with great minds across many fields, focusing on initiatives that promote dignity, independence, choice, connection, and quality of life. Our key areas of impact are:


Personal Care
Making a Difference
Through Care
Personal Care
Shaping the
of Aging
Personal Care
Working Together
for Indigenous
Personal Care

Making a Difference
Through Care

SE Health provides a unique, holistic approach to care. Our clinical leadership, extensive experience, and focus on innovation improves health outcomes and experiences. Our goal is to help Canadians stay at home and live a meaningful life on their terms.

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health care workers trained over the last 6 years
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family caregivers
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pediatric visits
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  • Each year we complete ~7.6 million visits, rain or shine

    Nothing stopped Jared from delivering care to those in need - not even a snowstorm. “I made my decision that as long as the roads were manageable for my car, I could snowshoe through a driveway to make it to the client’s door”.

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    Last year, SE Health’s Acute Transitions Program delivered approximately half a million days of care

    SE Health partners with Acute Care Centers across Ontario to safely transition patients back home once they have been discharged. Last year, we delivered approximately 500,000 days of care through this program, supporting patients as they go through the recovery process.

  • SE Health completed 130,000 virtual visits during the pandemic

    When the pandemic began, SE Health wanted to ensure that client choice remained at the forefront of delivering care. We became quick to mobilize our virtual care strategy so that all our clients continued to receive safe, personalized care in ways that work for them.

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  • SE Health nurse

    Our Fonemed team helped reduce ER visits by 70%

    Our Fonemed team manages approximately 18,000 calls per month in Newfoundland and 30,000 calls per month in the United States. On average, 70% of individuals who call us and had planned to go to an ER are redirected away from the ER to a more appropriate level of care, or self treatment at home.

Shaping the
Future of Aging

SE Health strives to make a better tomorrow for people as they age. Together with clients, families, staff, the healthcare system and our partners, we’re creating a future where people can age with health, vitality and dignity.

partners helping us address key issues on aging

research projects on
aging this past year

participants at our
International Nursing Congress

conference presentations by dedicated SE Research Centre
  • Our submission to the UN reached 197 NGOs globally

    SE Health is advocating for the rights of older adults. Earlier this year, we made two submissions to the United Nations Open Ended Working Group on Aging, which reached 197 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) globally.

  • Our Older Women Rock the World Twitter chat gained 25,726 impressions

    In April of 2022, International Longevity Center Canada hosted an event to raise awareness about the Human Rights of older adults. SE Health actively participated in the Twitter event, gaining 25,000+ impressions and reachiing notable individuals who are highly recognized in this space.

Working Together for
Indigenous Health

SE Health has a deep and proud history of collaborating with Indigenous communities across Canada. For over 20 years, we have worked together with First Nations, Inuit & Métis communities to support nation-based solutions for Indigenous health and well‑being.

Indigenous communities
& organizations reached

graduates from our
vocational program

vocational training
programs delivered

hours of annual
  • Delivered virtual education to over 6,000 direct care providers working with Indigenous communities

    In collaboration with Indigenous health care workers, we have developed online courses for health care staff working in First Nations, Inuit, & Metis communities. These online modules are evidence-based, regularly updated, and with the help of Saint Elizabeth Foundation, offered at no cost. To date, we have provided virtual learning to over 6,000 direct care providers from over 700 different communities and organizations.

  • SE Health launches Indigenous Cultural Safety Course to 8,000+ employees across Canada

    The Indigenous Cultural Safety Course promotes the delivery of culturally safe care. It takes a strengths based approach, highlighting the gifts and determination of Indigenous peoples, while also providing insight into the historical and contemporary factors that have influenced Indigenous peoples present day reality. The course also provides strategies to promote cultural safety, assisting learners to honor and act upon Reconciliation in Canada.

  • Over 135 graduates from our First Nations, Inuit & Métis vocational program

    SE Health's First Nations, Inuit & Métis team, in collaboration with SE Career College of Health, offer vocational training programs for Indigenous communities. Our programs are led by Indigenous Instructors and allies who understand the unique strengths Indigenous learners have, and barriers and issues that Indigenous learners experience. To date, we have delivered over 20 vocational training programs, with more under way.

Honouring End-of-Life

SE Health brings greater comfort, dignity and peace to those who are approaching their end of life. Together with our Foundation, we support end-of-life journeys while striving to improve health equity for all people.

hours of palliative care
provided at home

patients received palliative care in the community

volunteer hours
provided since 2018

homecooked meals
served at Journey
Home Hospice
  • We provided 100+ people experiencing homelessness a place to stay during their end-of-life journey

    Operated by the Saint Elizabeth Foundation, Journey Home Hospice is tackling the tough societal issue of homelessness for those approaching their end of life.

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  • Approximately 1,500 stories shared in Reflection Rooms® to date

    The Reflection Room® project, led by our dedicated SE Research Centre, is an evidence-based participatory art installation, which was developed by researchers in the SE Research Centre and at Memorial University in 2016. Reflection Rooms® are dedicated spaces where people can think, talk, and write about their experiences with death, dying, and grief.

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CEO Remarks

John Yip, President and CEO

Our purpose is simple: to bring hope and happiness to all the lives we touch in Canada and across the globe. SE Health Impact is a snapshot of how we live our purpose each day, and it highlights examples of the difference we are making.

We would not be able to accomplish all that we do without our passionate team of 8,000+ employees. Our people are at the heart of what we do and they are the reason we can make this impact. Thank you to everyone at SE Health for your commitment, passion, and hard work.

I am incredibly proud of the work we are doing, and I am excited to be able to share our positive contributions with the world.

I look forward to the road ahead and continuing to make a meaningful impact.

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