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...instead of pain, sickness, loneliness, and dementia.

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“The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create it.” - Abraham Lincoln

Our Why

SE Health's mission is to spread hope and happiness. Reconceptualizing aging and dying has massive potential to impact hope and happiness, and transform society.

The way we age and die in the future will be nothing like what it has been for the past century or more. The mindsets and business models of the past no longer serve this space.

SE Futures was established for the new era of health innovation ie, a future where the "home-spital" is where health will be created, managed and restored, people and their families will be more empowered, and intelligence will support decisions.

SE Futures is protecting and creating this future of health, focused on the older adult population in Canada.

We are guiding our stakeholders - clients, families, society, our staff and the health system - towards that future.

Our How

Although SE has been helping clients and families in their homes and communities "from the womb to the tomb" in Canada for 110 years, the SE Futures team is focused on the older adult population. This population is growing, has significant complexity of social and medical challenges, and has many unmet needs and opportunities.

  • 70% initiated by our clients, staff, system
  • 30% sensing and mining the globe by SE Futures team
  1. 10%: Optimize the current business (home care services, education)
  2. 60%: Reinvent the core business (through business model evolution and new capabilities)
  3. 30%: Create the new practices and business models that older adults need, want and expect.
  • Guider, driver, catalyst to the future
  • React to outside disruption - drive self-disruption
  • Influence and shape mindsets - internal SE, ecosystem


Our pipeline of experiments to create the future of aging and dying cluster into these 6 theme areas:

New Senior Living Communities

  • Dementia Villages
  • Senior villages

Consumer Experiences in their Home

  • Self-screening in the home
  • Smart homes for older adults

Home Care Experience

  • Buurtzorg model
  • Ambient Intelligence

Caregiver Experience

  • Chatbot support

Reconceptualizing End of Life

  • Palliative
  • Dying well

Future of Work

  • Nurses
  • Personal Support Workers


Core SE Futures Team

Zayna Khayat

Paolo Korre

Brianna Croft

Joe Au-Yeung

Key Collaborators

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