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Five must-read blogs from five SE Health leaders

Five leaders at SE Health share their ideas, thoughts and discussions on home health care.

This collection of recent blogs from leaders at SE Health brings together ideas, thoughts and discussions about home health care, aging and putting people first.   

 1. Groundhog Day – Escaping the loop in healthcare by Shirlee Sharkey 

This blog by Shirlee Sharkey, President and CEO, employs the classic movie ‘Groundhog Day’ to reflect on decades of iterative work in home and health care. In this compelling piece, Shirlee pushes for a new way of working that puts people first.  

“It’s Groundhog Day in health care and we keep stepping off the sidewalk into the same icy puddle over and over and over again. Will we finally catch ourselves mid-step – like Bill Murray’s character in the movie – and take a different path? What would this look like?“ Read the full blog

2. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Care-Focused Leadership During COVID-19 by Harvey Foote 

As a marathoner and SVP of People, Harvey Foote knows a thing or two about resilience and motivation. In this blog, Harvey draws parallels between running a marathon and leading during COVID-19. 

“At the COVID-19 starting line, we all faced uncertainty, risks and challenges - the likes of which we’d never seen before. There were no previous relevant ‘race plans’ to draw upon and the only thing to count on was strong leadership and collective experience.” Read the full blog

3. Living, Aging and Flourishing in Our Communities by Paul Holyoke 

Paul Holyoke is the Director of SE Research Centre and a proponent of person-centered care. He’s also one of the co-authors of SE Health’s Future of Aging book. This blog is Dr. Holyoke’s reflection on community, health and the pandemic.  

“Place does not define community; it is the interpersonal relationships, so essential to health, that define a person’s community. Slowly, we are recognizing that each resident’s “community” is defined by them and their friends, family and paid caregivers, not by where they are.” Read the full blog.  

4. Older adults are an emerging economic threat powerhouse by Hadi Salah  

Hadi Salah, SE Futures’ Director, New Ventures, wrote this blog on aging and economic contexts. Chock full of key insights – this blog challenges misconceptions and shifts the thinking around aging and the economy. 

“Again and again, societies have proven their ability to adapt to major economic and demographic shifts. This optimism is a consequence of a change in perspective that is key to the future economy: thinking of later life not only as a time of decline and need, but also a parallel period of abundance and creativity.” Read the full blog

5. Building Back Better: A Healthcare Perspective by Tazim Virani 

When the World Economic Forum held the ‘Great Reset Initiative’ – Tazim Virani, Managing Director of SE Global, was there. Her reflections and gleanings from the summit are summarized in this blog that calls for health care to ‘build back better’. 

“When health care systems consider how to build fairer, the first step is to look within and care for the people who are caring for us.” Read the full blog.