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The Feeling of Home While Working at SE Health

Stacy Medori is a healthcare aide in Red Deer, Alberta with a passion for caring.

Stacy Medori is enjoying the feeling of ‘home’ every day –  at work.  The warmth of familiar faces, the sense of safety and the comfort of a happy memory; that’s what it feels like to be part of her clients’ lives.  As a Health Care Aide (HCA) with SE Health, working at Points West Living – a unique senior living community – Medori feels lucky to have two places she can call ‘home.’ “My work is my second home! I feel as comfortable there as I do in my own home. I love working in a place where I can connect with my residents one-on-one and help them; helping people is where my heart’s always been.”   

Stacy was an esthetician for 15 years. Now, she is fulfilling her passion for helping people in a different way by providing personal care to older adults. “This is my career, not just my job, and these residents deserve the best,” Stacy says. “They may not remember your name, but they remember your presence and how you make them feel. You’re the smile that person might need.”

When Stacy talks about her job, it extends beyond general tasks and duties. Stacy focuses on the heartfelt aspects of what it’s like to work in the place that her residents call home –  an accessible and compassionate residence that promotes the best in holistic care and living.

Nestled to the North of Red Deer, the residence is a collection of warm living spaces surrounded by gardens, birds and trees. It’s staffed by providers like Stacy called ‘care partners’, and the residents live in ‘cottages’, each bearing names like ‘Bow Valley’ and ‘Northern Lights’ . Operating on the ‘Eden Model,’ Stacy and her colleagues support people to continue being active, healthy and contributing members of their community. “We really are a community: the management, care partners, facility staff – we all work together to make sure our residents have the care and relationships they need.”

Even though her residents share the same address, they each connect to their ‘home’ in unique ways, and Stacy ensures that her residents feel ‘seen’ as individuals. “I’m on a first-name basis with all my residents,” Stacy explains. “This is their home, and I make sure to help them do what makes them feel happy and recognized – whether that’s painting their nails, video-calling their families, walking around the garden or listening to their favourite music.”

Since making her career switch, Stacy continues to enjoy every minute of this new and rewarding experience in her ‘home away from home.’  She is also excited for the many possibilities that lie ahead. “My goal is to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, and I would definitely want to work here. There are so many great teams and opportunities – all of which bring that wonderful feeling of home – my journey is just beginning.”

Would you or somebody you know want to join Stacy’s team? We’re hiring! Apply here:

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