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Spiritual Care Promoting Employee Well-Being at SE Health

Bonnie Jennings with her daughter Sarah

Bonnie Jennings is joyfully playing peak-a-boo with her daughter – for the first time in 33 years.  

It’s a feeling she’s savouring while working from home and caring for her daughter at the same time. But this joy is only a recent development for Jennings, after many long and difficult days, since the pandemic began.  

“My daughter Sarah is non-verbal and has a disability; she usually attends a day program while I’m at work every day,” said Jennings, an Ontario-based former Personal Support Worker (PSW) turned Service Coordinator at SE Health – a not-for-profit social enterprise and one of Canada’s largest health care organizations specializing in home care.  “When the pandemic hit, all of Sarah’s programs stopped; my husband and I were working full-time and we don’t have help.  I have a very strong work ethic and it was extremely hard for me to balance everything – it was a huge adjustment and I felt overwhelmed. I cried every day for three months.” 

During these trying times, Jennings turned to one of the only places she knew she could – for comfort and support – her employer, where she’s worked for almost 20 years. 

“I’m not a spiritual person but when I heard about the care services that SE Health is offering, I thought to myself, let’s try this to see if it will help me,” added Jennings. 

What Jennings discovered was even more than she hoped for and it helped her to see her situation in a different light. 

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