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SE nursing leaders publish paper in Journal of Nursing Leadership

Nursing leaders at SE Health share insights on pandemic experiences of home and community care.

Nursing leaders at SE Health have published ‘Lessons on COVID-19 from Home and Community: Perspectives of Nursing Leaders at All Levels’ in the Journal of Nursing Leadership. Learn more or read the full article below. 


The initial focus of the COVID-19 pandemic was on the surge capacity of hospitals. Moving forward, however, the attention needs to shift toward keeping people healthy at home. In this paper, the authors discuss critical insights from the home and community care sector, which shed light on pre-pandemic fault lines that have widened. The paper, however, takes a positive look at how a better future can be built, particularly for those most vulnerable in society. We offer three key insights and analyses as well as examples of how one national homecare organization in Canada, SE Health, is facing the pandemic. We discuss the following key insights: (1) Pre-pandemic systemic biases and barriers were exasperated during the pandemic, which impacted the most vulnerable. (2) Nurse leaders were faced with unprecedented fear and anxiety from both patients and their staff colleagues. (3) The pandemic provided an opportunity for significant learning, innovation and capacity development. The pandemic is far from over – we are in a marathon and not a sprint. The paper concludes with how nurse leaders can lead the way in navigating through the pandemic and build a better “new normal.” 


Shirlee Sharkey, President and CEO
Nancy Lefebre, Chief Clinical Executive and Senior Vice President
Kaiyan Fu, Vice President, Professional Practice &Quality
Tazim Virani, Senior Lead Strategic Initiatives and Managing Director, SE Global
Mary Lou Ackerman, Vice President, Innovation and Digital Health
Melanie Brown, Registered Practical Nurse

Read the full paper here.