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SE Health celebrates Nursing Week 2021

SE Health celebrates Nursing Week 2021

SE Health celebrates Nursing Week 2021

SE Health is celebrating Nursing Week 2021 from May 10th to May 16th. This year’s theme, is #WeAnswerTheCall – showcasing the diverse roles that nurses play. At SE Health, our nurses have a strong commitment to care and they #AnswerTheCall in several different ways. Here are just a few of their stories:

Retired nurse gets back on the bike

“I worked at SE Health for 27 years and I retired a few days before the pandemic started. SE Health contacted me early this year to come back and help with the immunization clinics. I didn’t think twice before saying ‘yes’ because SE Health made me who I am today. Once a nurse, always a nurse! It’s like riding a bike, it all comes back to you!" – Karen Costello, Registered Practical Nurse, Central East

Nurse leaves home to care for clients

“I was asked to assist at one of our sister sites in Red Deer, AB, approximately 1.5 hours from where I work in Cochrane, AB. I was scared about going into a site I didn’t know, about what I would see, and bringing COVID-19 back to my family. But I also knew that if my loved one was there, I’d want somebody to step up and take care of them. With that, I packed my suitcase and went to Red Deer. Helping them in their time of need was incredibly rewarding, and those moments are why I’m proud to be an RN.” – Trina Beaudoin, Registered Nurse and Assistant Wellness Manager, Alberta

Nurse ‘does her part’ by championing virtual care

“Virtual care has been evolving since I’ve become a nurse but it’s increased 10x during the pandemic. As a clinic nurse, I can’t stay home or work from home, which is important to reduce transmission. But it feels good to give my clients the option of virtual visits to provide my clients the holistic assessments and teaching that they need.” – Heather Claus, Registered Practical Nurse, Waterloo-Wellington

Team of nurses provide 24/7 support to frontline staff

“The Clinical Practice Resource Team (CPRT), comprised of Registered Nurses with clinical expertise in home and community care, answers the call 24/7/365! They provide clinical decision support to front-line nurses; care planning considerations for high-risk patient populations; partner with organizational clinical leaders and all staff in practice support within Ontario; direct patient care leveraging virtual approaches and technology and so much more! Thank you CPRT team!” – Charlie Byer, Clinical Director

Nurse goes virtual to protect community

“Almost half of my clients are now cared for virtually. I see virtual care as another way to care for my clients and doing what works best for them. I’m answering the call by stopping the spread, switching to virtual and decreasing risk.” – Katie Green, Registered Practical Nurse, South East

Thank you to all SE nurses for your commitment to care and for ‘answering the call’ every day, in every way!

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