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New Nursing Clinic opened in partnership between SE Health, Toronto Central LHIN and Women’s College Hospital

Representatives from SE Health, Women's College Hospital and Toronto Central LHIN open the new nursing clinic in the Acute Ambulatory Care Unit.

SE Health is excited to be a part of a new nursing clinic that will provide greater capacity and improved access to specialized nursing care services in downtown Toronto.

Located at Women’s College Hospital, the clinic offers wound care, post-surgical care, IV treatment and other specialized nursing services to help mobile patients recovering from illnesses, accidents and surgeries improve their health while remaining active in the community.

As one of seven Nursing Clinics across Toronto Central LHIN and the only one in the downtown core, the clinic provides timely access to nursing and specialty care. Set within the Acute Ambulatory Care Unit at the hospital, care is provided in modern, wheelchair accessible facilities by experienced Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses through our partnership with SE Health.  Clinic nurses work closely with Toronto Central LHIN care coordinators and primary care physicians to meet the patients’ health goals and ensure a speedy recovery.


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