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New Journal from is a Game Changer in Wellness: Promoting the Perfect Path to Self-Care for a "New You" in 2020

Elizz journal helps 'busy' daughters and sons of aging parents to focus on what really matters

When caring for aging parents, additional responsibilities, such as work and family create long 'to-do' lists, causing emotional, mental and physical stress. The It.Is.Time. Journal helps family caregivers to gain control and feel better.

Journaling makes people feel great and promotes health and happiness. According to the 2019 Family Caregiver Survey by Clever Samurai, for those who journal, almost 45 per cent said that journaling "increases motivation and/or improves their emotional well-being," while 80 per cent said it "encourages calmness and relaxes me."

"We understand that family caregivers lead busy lives, so taking care of themselves is often lost or forgotten," says Allyson Kinsley, Senior Vice President, Brand Experience at SE Health. "At, we have phenomenal resources, even a chatbot (elizzbot), but we really wanted to develop something tangible, that caregivers can use and feel good about, every day. The It.Is.Time. Journal gives people this opportunity and the best part: it isn't a time burden – it fits into their 'busy' lives."

As the survey uncovers, 68 per cent of family caregivers spend up to 30 per cent of their time caregiving; and a whopping 80 per cent have given up "personal activities" for caregiving. The study also revealed that over 50 per cent say they would benefit from having more information about stress release techniques and 57 per cent indicated strong interest in a tool that would help them to track and write down why they are grateful. Studies show that when people are aware of their thoughts and feelings, and write them down, they are happier and healthier.

Read the complete 2019 Family Caregiver Survey report by Clever Samurai:

The It.Is.Time. Journal is a practical, every day tool that inspires family caregivers and busy people to put themselves first, so they can feel happy while providing care for others. If a caregiver is happy, the people around them are too. The It.Is.Time. Journal is a simple step in self-care and it's a game changer at every turn, especially at the start of a new year.

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