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Client Choice in Care Comes First at SE Health

Melanie Brown, RPN, is proud to deliver holistic care, ensuring the mental, emotional and physical well-being of her clients.

Mary is making important choices – at home.  She’s been doing that for over 70 years. 

“I choose survival, it’s always been that way for me,” said Mary, an artist, who makes her home in a 19th century, restored barn in Ontario.  “As a baby, I was thrown between haystacks during the Second World War, when bombers flew over England.  I am also a ‘phantom twin’ – I’m the one who survived; I am destined to survive.” 

These days, Mary’s “survival” is about making the choice of how to receive care at home for a foot wound, during the pandemic.  The wound is the result of a venous leg ulcer that developed post-surgery to repair her broken ankle, after she fractured it in the winter of 1995, when she fell while walking on a friend’s icy driveway.  The wound flares up every so often. 

SE Health is nurturing Mary’s commitment to making “choices,” while caring for her wound.  As her home care provider and one of Canada’s largest health care organizations, SE Health is keeping client choice at the forefront of delivering care, even during these uncertain times.  Last March, when the pandemic began, SE Health was quick to mobilize their virtual care strategy, ensuring client’s like Mary had “choices” and confidence in receiving care. 

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