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We’re celebrating our Occupational Therapists!

Saint Elizabeth is celebrating Occupational Therapy week from October 16th to 20th.

Our Occupational Therapists help clients of all ages live their lives to their fullest potential.  We help clients build physical, functional, emotional, and self-help skills.  Occupational Therapists help to transform environments into spaces that everyone can access safely and with greater ease.  Chances are that you know someone whose life has been transformed by an Occupational Therapist.

The qualities and skills it takes to be a qualified and successful Occupational Therapist are like the ingredients of any recipe – you need the right amount of each item to get the balance of flavours just right. Here’s our “secret recipe” for what it takes to be an Occupational Therapist here at Saint Elizabeth.

Beyond the Academics - Recipe for an Occupational Therapist

  • 3 measures of science
  • 3 measures of creativity
  • 4 measures of innovation
  • 2 parts of practical thinking
  • 1 measure of reality
  • A generous handful of communication skills
  • A full package of function-based thinking

Using a heavy-duty multi-tasking machine, combine ingredients until an empathetic, hard-working, skilled professional is born.

Learn more about how Occupational Therapists can change people’s lives in this video, Because of Occupational Therapy.

Thank you to our Occupational Therapists at Saint Elizabeth for your hard-work and dedication.  On a daily basis, you have a positive impact on our clients, their caregivers, and in our communities across Canada!

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