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A Home Care App for Nurses, Created by Nurses

Linda Keirl, a Windsor, Ontario-based Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), is living herbest life. She’s getting the right information securely, in real-time, and delivering exceptional care and service to patients in their homes.

Her longtime employer, SE Health, a not-for-profit social enterprise and one of Canada’s largest home-care organizations, is helping her to do that.

The organization recently launched a new app and digital platform, MySE Life, that is making it easier for Keirl and her colleagues to keep doing what they love: bringing hope and happiness while working with purpose and helping each client to realize their most meaningful goals for health and well-being.

“It’s my SE life on my mobile phone and it’s as simple as it sounds,” said Keirl, who claims she is “far from tech savvy” and has been nursing for almost five decades. She has called SE Health home for close to 20 of those years – after she was inspired by the organization’s “wonderful palliative care delivery that is client and family focused” and wanted to give that same experience to her clients.

“This amazing app has my entire client caseload and their information, including addresses, medical and visit history, and treatment plans, all in one place – and it’s very user-friendly,” said Keirl. “As a frontline RPN, I’m thrilled to be part of a co-design team that’s allowing us to reimagine client-centered care in new and innovative ways to promote the continuity of care for our clients and families.”

Click here to read the full cover story in Canadian Healthcare Technology.

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