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The Future Age: Life Reimagined

Tune into our podcast The Future Age, where we showcase bold ideas and innovations to redesign how we live. Topics include: the future of work, transportation, 3D printing for housing, aging and AI, agetech, and more. New episodes airing every other Wednesday.

Latest Episode

Climate Change and Aging: What is a ‘Well-Being Society’?

Host Zannat Reza and Dr. Trevor Hancock, co-founder of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, retired University of Victoria professor, and activist, as they delve into climate change through the lenses of planetary health and older adults. Trevor introduces the concept of a Well-being Society and the essential economic & mindset shifts that are required to move towards it. This includes innovative policy recommendations, like taxing robots and implementing wealth taxation,and the important changes that can be made locally and municipally.


Your Host - Zannat Reza

Zannat Reza is a senior member of the Future of Aging social impact team at SE Health. She has a Master of Health Sciences in Community Health and a passion for simplifying complex ideas. Zannat brings over 20 years of experience in health communications, including regular media appearances on CBC News Network, Breakfast Television, CH Morning Live and Canada AM. Zannat is also the Toronto Ambassador for Aging2.0, a global network of innovators.

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