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Let's Team Up

Working together to inspire change, and move solutions forward.

Together, we can co-create a future where Canadians live and age with health, vitality & dignity

Our goal is to create a better world for us as we get older. We collaborate with many groups and organizations, generating innovative ideas and solutions that bring about lasting change and making an impact. We share ideas, resources, and unite networks to strengthen our collective influence, and take coordinated action to get things done. Our partners include non-profits, advocacy groups, academics, corporations, governments, and others. If you are interested in changing the way we live and get older, contact us today.

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Become an Age Positive Ally!

Have you ever been judged by your age?

Unfortunately, many of us have or will experience age discrimination, also known as ageism.

You’re invited to be part of a global movement dedicated to creating an age-inclusive future, and become an Age-Positive Ally!

Join hundreds of like-minded people who are passionate about creating an age-positive world. Whether you are an individual or representing an organization, get access to resources to take action, make connections and spread the word to drive transformative change within our workplaces and communities. Every conversation and action helps. Everyone is welcome!

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