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Building Bridges Across Generations

Celebrating Global Intergenerational Week

SE Health is excited to lead Global Intergenerational Week 2024 in Canada. From April 24 to May 1, we are highlighting the importance of people of different ages coming together to share experiences and work on solutions. This helps build strong communities where everyone feels connected.

Global Intergenerational Week
Engage Our Network

Day 1
Let’s raise intergenerational awareness

Identify Ideas & Innovations

Day 2
Let’s develop intergenerational partnerships

Innovative Solutions

Day 3
Let’s combat loneliness and social isolation

Engage Our Network

Day 4
Let’s celebrate intergenerational spaces and communities

Identify Ideas & Innovations

Day 5
Let’s break down age barriers

Innovative Solutions

Day 6
Solidarity between generations

Innovative Solutions

Day 7
Let’s build intergenerational workplaces

Want more information? Explore more about the week’s themes, events, and resources to get involved and create connections in your community.

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Key Benefits of Connecting People Across All Ages

  • Brings people together and creates a strong sense of community
  • Challenges stereotypes about age, promoting inclusivity and valuing people of all ages
  • Nurtures more confidence, empathy and better self-regulation among youth
  • Reduces social isolation and increases social connections among older adults
  • Leads to meaningful friendships and open doors to new perspectives, shared experiences, and support

Engage and Explore: How to Participate

Supporting your Neighbours: A Community Conversation Guide

Share the Photo Challenge

Participate in the official Photo Diary Challenge and share intergenerational experiences on social media. Get started by reading the instructions and downloading the Photo Diary Cards.
Supporting your Neighbours: A Community Conversation Guide

Host a Mix & Mingle

Get creative and find ways to bring people of all ages together. Check out the activity guide for ideas to help you plan your event.
Supporting your Neighbours: A Community Conversation Guide

Join the Global Movement

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  • Imagine
  • Build
  • Play

Creating Spaces for All Ages

Experience the power of working together across generations! Our National Design Jam brings together people of all ages to brainstorm solutions for creating inclusive spaces that benefit everyone.

Join the conversation on Wednesday April 24, 2024.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nancy Henkin (Generations United) will share her expertise on intergenerational spaces.


  • Team up with people from different walks of life to generate creative ideas
  • Tackle real-world issues, such as “How might we create shared spaces for all ages?”
  • Visualize solutions and share insights

Don’t miss this opportunity to create inclusive communities for all ages!

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