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Senior Leaders
Headshot of Tazim Virani

Tazim Virani

Social Impact & Global Initiatives

Senior Vice-President

Dr. Tazim Virani, the Senior Vice President of Social Impact & Global Initiatives at SE Health, exemplifies leadership in healthcare innovation. With an illustrious academic background that includes a PhD from the University of Toronto, focusing on health policy, management, and evaluation, Dr. Virani has dedicated nearly four decades to transformative roles across the healthcare sector. Her career has seen her making significant contributions as a nurse clinician, administrator, researcher, entrepreneur, and leader in health and social systems.

Dr. Virani's work has been instrumental in strengthening health systems, advocating for human rights, and facilitating global capacity building. She is renowned for her pioneering efforts in evidence-based healthcare, forming international partnerships, and initiating social impact programs targeting marginalized communities. As a fervent advocate for the nursing profession, she has leveraged her expertise and passion to influence healthcare practices and policies at both the domestic and international levels.

Prior to SE Health, Dr. Virani led a successful boutique consulting business, working with dozens of associates and a wide range of governmental, not-for-profit, and professional associations. In her current role, Dr. Virani spearheads the Future of Aging and SE Global teams, demonstrating a profound commitment to combat ageism, uphold the rights of the older persons, and develop communities that are friendly to the aging population. Initiatives such as the COURAGE: Action for Better Aging, efforts to improve affordable housing for seniors, and the use of storytelling to shape the aging ecosystem are testament to her visionary leadership. Through active participating in collective impact coalitions such as the United Nations Open Ended Working Group on Aging, Canadian Coalition Against Ageism and Community Based Senior Sector, Dr. Virani continues to be a pivotal figure in the evolution of aging in the Canadian landscape.