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Our Home Care Team

Specialized support from trained professionals.

We offer a wide range of health care services – all in the comfort of your home. We understand that every client and family has unique care needs. Individual services are available or multiple services can be combined depending on needs. We provide service through private insurance plans and on a fee-for-service basis. We are also a recognized provider through Veterans Affairs Canada. Our team of nursing, personal support and therapy staff includes:


Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) provide visiting nursing care in the comfort of your own home. Our nurses can provide you with foot care, diabetes ventilator care, pain and symptom management, medication management and more. Learn more about home care nursing. Our RNs and RPNs also provide temporary staffing relief services in hospital emergency departments, such as ICUs and other specialized areas.

Personal Support and Homemaking Staff

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Community Health Workers (CHWs) can provide you with companionship, assist you with daily personal care needs including bathing, toileting, dressing, feeding, walking and exercise, and other types of home support you may need. Our Personal Support Workers are graduates of certified, accredited educational programs.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists (OTs) can help you improve your ability to perform daily tasks such as eating, dressing, and bathing, and help you participate in activities that are important to you like taking care of yourself, going to work, or enjoying leisure activities. You may need an OT if your ability to perform everyday activities has been affected due to illness, injury, stroke or surgery.

Our OTs provide treatment to patients with serious injuries such as automobile accidents, major illnesses, and acquired brain injuries (ABI). Our Occupational Therapists also provide specialized services through our Driver Assessment and Training Program. We conduct Ontario Ministry of Transportation-approved medical assessments and road evaluations for seniors, patients with disabilities, or patients with special needs.


Physiotherapists are experts in the assessment and treatment of injuries and physical disabilities. They can provide you with personalized exercise programs to help you improve your strength; use joint mobilization to help reduce pain and stiffness; and use other techniques to help improve your function and mobility (source: Canadian Physiotherapy Association).

Our physiotherapists also provide rehabilitation to patients with serious injuries such as injuries from automobile accidents, major illnesses, and acquired brain injuries (ABI).


Registered Dietitians provide diet assessments, develop nutritional plans and menus, and counsel patients to make changes to their diet. Dietitians are especially helpful for patients with cancer, diabetes, digestive, or swallowing disorders. Our dietitians can develop food modification plans to help you reduce the risk of choking, dehydration or malnutrition.

Social Workers

Social workers provide counselling to help you manage your emotions and cope with changes in your ability to function due to illness or disability. Our social workers can help reduce the impact of these changes on you and your family through counselling and therapy, or training in stress management and effective communication.

We also provide assistance to patients with acquired brain injuries (ABI) and their families to help them adjust to the changes that come with living with an acquired brain injury.

Speech Language Pathologists

Speech Language Pathologists are trained to assess and treat communication and swallowing disorders in both adults and children. Our pathologists can help by providing training in social communication skills, language development, and can assist patients who have problems swallowing and eating to reduce the risk of choking.


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