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Care Comes First

Dear Clients, Families and Community Partners,

Everyone has a story. When I spoke with Melissa, one of our amazing Health Care Aides, she shared her story of compassion and empathy. During a care interaction, she noticed her client was unhappy and learned that, because of the pandemic, the client couldn’t get his haircut. He was really upset, and she wanted him to feel better, so she offered to cut his hair. When she finished, the client was extremely thankful. Melissa was touched by his gratitude and couldn’t believe the difference in his demeanour. She says, experiences like these are why “I never feel like I’m going to work, I feel like I’m coming home.”

Every day, SE Health is creating the remarkable feeling of home for Canadians who are living through a health journey. As part of that, our people are bringing Hope and Happiness to clients near and far, and each one of them has a different story of how they’re making that happen. Thank you to our staff for their tremendous caring and commitment; to our clients and families for trusting us with your care in the many places you call ‘home;’ and to our community partners for placing your confidence in us – knowing we are collaborating as teams and delivering exceptional care in any circumstance.

SE Health remains committed to bringing Hope and Happiness at every turn and sharing more stories of how our people are making a difference in difficult times and beyond. We will continue to care for our clients and families – offering choice and flexibility in care delivery – and rise to this challenge the way we always have – putting compassionate and safe care first.

Shirlee Sharkey
President & CEO


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